About Us

St Julians Allotment wide picture

Where is St Julians Allotment Association based?

The allotments are based on the east side of the River Usk, next to Glan Usk Primary School, and consists of eighty six plots arranged as half plots of 4-41/2  perch (136m squared).

How long has the St Julians Allotment site been in existence?

St Julians Allotment allotment has been in existence for at least seventy years and previously stretched up as far as the bowling green pavilion, past the Bank Street bridge.

How much does it cost to rent a plot per year?

The rental cost varies depending on the size of the plot but, as a guide, we say it’s roughly the same as buying a cup of coffee in the high street once a week for a year.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. On top of the cost of renting your plot there is also a £20 a year shed rent fee to pay and a £5 additional fee – £3.50 for insurance, the rest for funds.

How do I become a plotholder?

There is a currently a waiting list for plots on the site. To join the list you can get in touch by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ sections of this site or our Facebook page. Alternatively you can call Newport City Council on (01633) 656656 and ask for contact details of your local allotment site secretary or for the allotment officer.

How good is the quality of the soil?

The underlying soil is red river clay with glacial deposits ( left over from the Ice-Age). This is a fertile soil full of beneficial minerals. As the site has been worked for many years the top soil has  been improved by tilling and added organic matter. This means that different plots vary as to soil depth and fertility, but it is generally very rich and good for growing.

Can I take my car on site?

Yes, car access is via the main gates at the Bank Street end of the site. There is a parking area at the Charnwood Road end of the site and plotholders can stop on the paths to load and unload their vehicles – though NOT park.

Can I bring anyone else on site to work?

Yes. All you need to do is register the name or names of your co-workers for insurance purposes.

Can I sell any of my produce?

No. Anything grown on your plot cannot be sold on. The shop takes donations of excess produce to sell, with the money raised going back into supporting the allotment.

Can I erect a greenhouse?

Yes, sheds or greenhouses no bigger than 8ft x 6ft, and of an approved standard, can be erected on the plots with the written permission of Newport City Council.

Can I keep animals such as chickens on the plot?

No. No livestock may be kept or reared on site.

Can I burn my allotment waste/cuttings?

Sadly we are no longer allowed to burn waste, however we do have skips delivered occasionally to dispose of larger items such as broken tools and we encourage our plotholders to compost any green waste.

Can I use a hosepipe or a sprinkler system to water my plot?

No. Water is supplied via small troughs at a number of locations across the site. Only watering cans or buckets may be used for plant watering.

Can I bring my dog on site?

Yes, dogs are allowed on site provided they do not cause nuisance to any neighbouring tenants. Any dog mess must be cleared up by the owner before they leave the site.

Can anyone use the site shop?

Yes, both members and the public can use the shop. Opening times are 10am until noon, Saturday and Sunday from spring to early October, Saturdays only early spring (February) and the last few weeks of October – check our Facebook page to be sure.
Members of the public will pay slightly more than plotholders (15%) but can still make big savings compared to high street prices, plus, for £5 per year you can become a non-plotholder member. This entitles you to shop with us for the same price as plotholders PLUS you’ll be able to save up to 50% on seeds and plants with Dobies – the keen gardener’s choice.