What to sow in December

LET’S be honest, with Christmas on the horizon and the weather likely to get even colder December sowing is quite limited.

However, if you have a means of growing under cover or don’t mind the windowsill in the spare room acting as your greenhouse for the next few months, it is possible to keep those crops coming.

Broad beans such as Aquadulce Claudia and The Sutton are not only hardy enough to be planted outside now, but they can also mean you’ll be reaping the rewards a moth earlier than spring sowings. Just watch out for those slugs.

You can also steal a march by getting your pea sowings in early, all though these will need to be protected from frosts. The best type for winter sowings are the round seed varieties, such as Meteor and Douce Provence, as they don’t allow water to collect and won’t rot.

It may be too late to be sampling homegrown salad with your turkey leftovers but you can still sow lettuce in December to pull in early spring. Varieties such as Arctic King and Winter Gem thrive on a window ledge or under cover.

And if you want something more adventurous why not try growing Wild Dragon’s Tongue, a variety of wild rocket that can be grown year-round, or Kale Shoots to give your vitamin intake a boost.

Don’t forget:
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